Popular Conservative Site Disgraces Itself with Desperate 'Look at Me' Fat Shaming Article

Ok…so here’s my rant. I have not publicly commented on the issue of “fat shaming” before, but after reading a recent article by a C-list “journalist” at a prominent conservative site, I decided I needed to speak out about it. It’s rare that I feel the need to discuss the nature of another writer’s intent, but this one really was scraping the bottom of the barrel. I find it startling that a major news source would even publish such rubbish, but then again, I’ve heard they’ve lost a “yuge” number of readers in recent months, so this is what desperation looks like.

The article was a “cheeky” little array of vulgar analogies about how grotesque fat people are, and if the author was trying to appeal to readers who have zero moral integrity or class, then it certainly was a home run. Here’s a sample:

Fat people should hate themselves. They should hate themselves so much they’ll do anything to change. It’s the only way they might be inspired to get better.

The video claims fat girls can do anything. Well, if that’s true, maybe they should close the fridge!

“You can do Yoga, you can do rock climbing,” we’re told, Well, do it more than you do now and we won’t have an issue.

“Fat girls can run!” they say. Well, prove it! Preferably several times a day for at least 30 minutes maintaining a reasonably high heart rate.

“Fat girls can dance!” we’re hectored. Fine, that’s also good excer— no, actually, you can’t. And stop coming to gay clubs, you’re repellant.

There’s only one message that should be sent to fat people: fix yourself. Fix your health. Run, work out and eat lean protein and vegetables. You are not normal, you are not healthy, and you will die if you continue in your horrible, selfish lifestyle.

You will not be happy, you will not find love and even those who your left-wing advocates persuade or bully into hiding their true opinions will silently pity you. And they will never, ever f*** you.

Also, I don’t want to see you in public — and yes, that includes the gym — until you’re a socially acceptable size. Starve at home. There’s no reason a decade of your bad life choices should be inflicted on me while I’m trying to check out the hot guy behind the front desk.

Fat shaming is nothing more than a form of righteous bullying by people who loathe themselves so deeply, and want to be accepted by society so badly, that they will say virtually anything, no matter how shocking, to get attention. They have this need to defecate the pain of their own insecurities out of their mouths in order to somehow feel whole or accepted in a world where others have shunned them, maybe even their entire lives.

From the safety of the Internet, this blogger went all out to verbally assault people who are obese. Can you imagine him doing this to a person’s face? I believe most people are good and would look at him and think he was a giant douchebag if he did. He’d be ostracized and would lose friends over such a stunt. Sadly, the Internet provides him cover and lets him get away with this bullying online.

Is being overweight unhealthy? Not necessarily. Is being overweight ugly? Well, my parents taught me that beauty is the eye of the beholder, so that’s subjective. The bottom line is, here in the United States of America, people are free to be whatever they want to be: fat, skinny, or in between. So why do you care so much?

What does anyone care if a person is overweight? If a person wants to eat ten bags of Cheetos, why is it anyone’s business? As long as it doesn’t affect your life, why go after overweight people? I truly believe that a person who overeats to compensate for something has mental health issues. He or she needs treatment, just like those who are anorexic or are addicted to drugs. Fat shaming isn’t the answer. Criticizing and harassing a person for weight issues makes a person more depressed and further pushes the individual into a downward spiral of eating.

Our society conditions young girls to think that skinny is beautiful (hence, one reason we have so many eating disorders). Well, some girls will never be skinny because they were born with a certain body type. The focus needs to be on being healthy, not skinny. Yes, I am one of those moms who has tried to arm my daughters with a positive body image, and believe me, little girls started comparing themselves to other girls their age very early on. It’s my job as a mum to help my girls accept themselves for who they are as they learn to eat healthy and exercise. Articles like the one I read (along will all the just plain mean people) make my job that much harder. Luckily, my girls understand that they are unique and they are confident, healthy young ladies.

How do you feel about fat shaming? Let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment.