TLC Show 'I Am Jazz' Celebrates Child Abuse, Not Responsible Parenting

I am Jazz” is a show on TLC about a transgender teen named Jazz. Born a biological male, Jazz was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at age 5 after she had counseling and testing. His parents have been extremely supportive and Jazz has been living as a girl full time since the age of five.

Jazz has said, “I grew my hair, had my ears pierced and wore dresses. I felt so happy. My brothers and sisters accepted it and even though my dad struggled at first, both my parents were really supportive.”

At age 11, Jazz began worrying about puberty approaching so his parents made the decision to allow him to begin hormone blockers that would stop the production of testosterone. “I had nightmares about growing facial hair and I hated the thought of my voice dropping and my body becoming more masculine,” he said.

Jazz was elated that he was able to take the steps saying, “It was such a relief. The hormone blockers are reversible, so if I come off them I’ll go through male puberty. But there’s no way that’s happening, I’m too happy as a girl. I love experimenting with different hair styles and going clothes shopping.”

Is this child abuse? In my opinion it is. This child from a very early age was encouraged to dress and act like a girl. Children have no idea what that would even mean at that age. Conditioning your child to embrace feelings of confusion is irresponsible, to say the least. It is not only lying to your child about the way God made him or her, but it’s deliberately putting the child in harm’s way, encouraging undue scrutiny from the outside world.

If you’re not a God-fearing person, then let’s strictly take the facts from science, shall we? The child was born as a male, and no amount of hormones or surgeries will change that fact. The child may have been confused, and instead of steering him down the path of truth, the parents decided to exploit their child. If he still had these feelings at the age of 18, he would be free to explore them then, but give the child a fighting chance.

What kind of health consequences will a child have if you suppress puberty? The American College of Pediatricians released a statement titled “Gender Ideology Harms Children” in which it discusses this form of child abuse and the adverse effects on a child.

Jazz has accomplished a lot in his short life. He has written a book entitled I Am Jazz, has a television show of the same name, and has founded the “TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation” to help other trans kids. Congress even participated in the “I Am Jazz” national day of action which supported readings from the book. It was an attempt to promote family diversity and prevent gender stereotyping and bullying.

Trying to change the narrative and forcing society to think a mental disorder is normal in any way is indoctrination.

No doubt, this is a sad story on so many levels. This is still a child who had no control over how his parents handled the situation. My heart breaks for him.

Do you feel this is child abuse? Or do you feel Jazz’s parents did the right thing for their son? Drop me a comment I love hearing from you.

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