Children in France Could Sue Their Parents for Posting Photos of Them on Social Media

What if your child could sue you when he got older because he felt a photo was “too revealing”? That’s what parents in France may have to face due to very strict privacy laws. If a child is upset about a photo his parents posted, he could sue for damages totaling €45,000 and the offending parent could receive a year in prison.

“In a few years, children could easily take their parents to court for publishing photos of them when they were younger,” Eric Delcroix, an expert in Internet law and ethics, told Britain’s The Telegraph. “Children at certain stages do not wish to be photographed or still less for those photos to be made public.”

I don’t post compromising photos of my children on the internet for fear of sickos taking them and using them for devious purposes (yes, it does happen). But what are the chances your child will grow up and want to sue you for an innocent post? Probably very slim, but parents still should be mindful of what they share with the entire world.

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