4-Year-Old Students Asked to Choose Gender Preference

Should a child establish his/her gender identity in preschool? Apparently, the whacked-out Brighton and Hove City Council thinks so. They sent out a survey asking thousands of parents to answer questions about their child’s perceived gender identity in a recent letter confirming school placement for their 4-year-olds.

I can tell you that I police the schools that my children go to and if I ever received a “gender establishment” letter in the mail, I would be at the school quicker than you can say pansexual!

The letter read:

We recognise that not all children and young people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth or may identify as a gender other than male or female, however the current systems (set nationally) only record gender as male or female. Please support your child to choose the gender they most identify with. Or if they have another gender identity please leave this blank and discuss with your child’s school.

This came on the heels of a similar letter the council sent out to students at Blatchington Mill School giving them 25 options of gender to choose from including “tri-gender,” “genderqueer,” and “gender fluid.”

Many parents were outraged with one mother saying, “Children at school should be free to develop their identity. They are not adults — let them enjoy the innocence and creativity of their childhood.”

Author and expert on child communication skills Stephanie Davies-Arai explains, “If you say the word ‘gender’ to a child they would have no idea what it means. If you tell a child they are the opposite gender then they will think you mean the opposite sex. It’s very confusing and it leads to emotional problems for children.”

Emotional problems? Of course bringing up gender identity is going to lead to emotional problems. What 4- year-old even knows what that is?  This agenda is being forced down all of our throats and no family should tolerate this. If your child approaches you with an issue or with questions about gender confusion, then deal with those accordingly. Trying to make this the normal narrative of the classroom is outrageous, to say the least!

Nurturing your children and teaching them right from wrong begins at home. Arm your children with knowledge so they know how to handle themselves when the PC police come calling. Let kids be kids!

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