When a Kid's an A**hole, Chances Are the Parents Are, Too!


I have a rant. Last weekend I took our 5-year-old son to the science center. He loves science and it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was a busy weekend with a large crowd of families trying to enjoy the exhibits. I am teaching my son patience and how to wait his turn and be polite. Apparently other parents don’t feel that this trait is necessary.

My son was patiently waiting in line to test out one of the displays and we were 15-deep in impatient kids picking their noses, whining, and fighting with their siblings. It was hot in there and, let’s just say it smelled less than fresh.

We finally got to the front of the line when, out of what seemed like thin air, a little loud-mouthed, overweight boy pushed my son out of the way and cut right in front of us. Expecting his parents to come grab his arm and apologize for the boy being a rude little turd, I was abruptly taken aback by the mother saying “You don’t mind, do you?” Now normally, I wouldn’t have made a big deal out of it, as I am pretty easygoing, but on this day I had just had it, I guess.

Excuse me? I don’t mind? Heck yes, I mind!

The mother proceeded to praise the boy for being “so smart” while he continued to play with the exhibit. My blood began to boil. I looked at the portly, red-headed mother and said politely, “The line begins back there.” She looked at me, puzzled, as if to ask how dare I question or challenge her decision to allow her son to be a little jerk. Obviously, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Children learn by example.

Finally, after giving me the stare-down for 30 seconds, as if she was going to throw down, she moved out of the way so my son, who was waiting patiently, could take his well-deserved turn. After they moved on to terrorize another group of people, my 5-year-old turned to me and said, “That kid needs a spanking!” I have to admit, my son was right!

Many of the parents I see out with their children let them run amok. Temper tantrums, potty mouths, and a lack respect for parents are all epidemic. The parents are too busy to discipline them because they have their faces stuck in their phones. I am stunned to see how many “adults” really need to grow up and start being parents.

As I get older, I really find it hard to not feel like Madonna’s character did in “A League of Their Own.” It’s tough to keep my mouth shut when I see a kid acting like “Stillwell Angel” at Target. Like when the mum says “no” and the child keeps asking over and over again until the mum gives in. Really gives you a strong understanding of where all of these little a**holes come from. My children are not perfect by any means, but they sure as heck know not to act like that in public.