One Dad Got Frustrated by the Lack of Visibility for Kids With Disabilities—So He Did Something About It


For one dad, having a child with a major disability wasn’t what was frustrating. Instead, it was the “lack of good fun and positive visibility” for the children who have the disabilities. Dan White’s daughter, Emily, has hydrocephalus and spina bifida which can be life threatening. White told, “The project began when Emily, my daughter, was 3, and now she’s 9. We searched and searched, and we just couldn’t find anything in the entertainment industry that related to her. So I decided to create it.”

White created a comic filled with superheroes just for his daughter called the “Department of Ability.” It tells the story of a superhero who is bound to a wheelchair whose superpowers come from her disability. The comic has begun to receive attention both from the disabled community and from an agent.

“The agent is going to the London Book Fair soon, heavily armed with everything I’ve given her,” White said. “All the illustrations and stories. She’s determined to win a mainstream deal for us.”

White now devotes his efforts to the comic full time as well as speaking at local organizations that mean so much to him. He talks about what life is like with a disabled child. “The disabled community is so dear to me, and I want to see them represented in a more positive light. Emily is so much more than her wheelchair. She loves sports, arts, comics, music and more. She’s a force to be reckoned with.”

What a heart-warming story indeed!