Meet Codeybot, the Robot That Dances, Shoots Lasers, and Teaches Coding


My children love technology. Whether they are building a new level on “Little Big Planet” or trying to build a desktop from scratch, they are all about learning new things regarding technology. One skill they have not mastered is coding. I recently came across an article introducing what is known as the “Codeybot.”

The Codeybot is an educational robot that teaches children ages 6 and up how to program while they are having fun. You turn the robot on and hook him up to the mBlockly programming app which is based on the Blockly programming language developed by Google.

The app allows the child how to use blocks that they move on the screen of the smart device to program the bot. It will change its LED facial expressions, say a chosen word, or move through a chosen path. These functions can be added together so Codeybot will perform them all.

Kids can record their voices using the voice control and it has Wi-Fi capabilities so it can connect to another device to play music. The battery is rechargeable, allowing for a good three hours of operation before needing to be charged again.

Codeybot is manufactured by the Chinese based company called Makeblock, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign (they surpassed their goal of $100,00) to help in the manufacturing. If you want to order Codeybot, they are offering him at $129 and will begin manufacturing him in July of 2016. This is definitely something I can get behind! You can order him here.