Brands Pull their Advertising from Duggar Spin-off


Just nine months after 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, a Duggar spin-off, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, debuted on March 15. It looks as though the successful show might be short-lived, as reports say that seven brands want their ads pulled from the show.

The UPS Store, Cici’s Pizza, Verizon Wireless, Pure Michigan, Choice Hotels, WhiteWave Foods, and Mattress Firm have all made statements regarding their decisions to bolt from the TLC show.

The UPS Store wrote, “It was not our intention to advertise on the program. This specific program is now on our list of exclusions as well as any other potential Duggar programming.”

Choice Hotels said, “We are not a sponsor or an advertiser on any TV shows or specials about the Duggars. If any ads run, it is an error of the network as our advertising agency has directed them to remove our advertising from the show.”

In the wake of the Josh Duggar sex scandal, many were upset and even boycotted the network for bringing the Duggars back on the airwaves. Nobody wants to touch them with a ten foot pole. It’s almost an insult to keep pushing this family on the public and a desperate move to keep making a buck.

Enough is enough. Stop pimpin’ out your family and turn to what you claim you know best.

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