Parents Remove Their Children from School Over 'Transgender Day'


Why can’t a kid just be a kid?

St. Mary the Virgin Primary School in East Sussex recently decided to celebrate Transgender Day. Headteacher Emma Maltby thinks it’s important to raise awareness about transgender issues among students as young as 4 years old. Maltby said:

As part of the national curriculum, we spend time talking to the children about British values of tolerance, respect and celebrating differences.

One of the areas we will be discussing shortly is gender identity and we felt that it was important to involve parents in their child’s learning by holding an information session.

Some parents decided to take their children out of the school. One mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, said, “I don’t want my daughter being exposed to all this nonsense. Kids need to be left alone when it comes to things like this. They just want to run around the playground, not be told they need to ‘think differently’ about gender issues. The whole thing is ridiculous and I hope the head gets the message and scraps it.”

The classes, based on the Allsorts Youth Project, were meant to be used as a tool to empower young people who are transgender.

Maltby claims that they are just trying to give children a “well-rounded education,” which would help them to “become responsible, independent people able to respect others.”

That’s funny, because it seems more like indoctrination to me.

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