Shocker: Teen Parents Sell Baby Online to Buy an iPhone

File this under completely nuts! A young couple living in China sold their 18-day-old baby girl online for approximately $3,500 to buy an iPhone, a motorcycle, and other things.

The father was nineteen at the time of the “transaction” and had not yet completed high school, while the mother’s age has not been released as she was underage. The couple used the messaging app QQ to find a buyer. It didn’t take very long for a man to step forward to offer to buy the baby, claiming it was for his sister.

The Chinese police miraculously tracked down the couple, arresting them and taking them to court. The father was sentenced to three years in prison, while the young mother received a two and a half year suspended sentence so she could finish her schooling.

Police claimed that the baby had been sold without the young mother’s consent, but she didn’t seem worried or affected by the fact that her daughter was missing. The mother rationalized the decision by saying, “I myself was adopted, and many people in my hometown send their kids to other people to raise them. I really didn’t know that it was illegal.”

The man who bought the baby online stepped forward after hearing the two were arrested, but it is unknown if he will serve any jail time. In a shocking turn of events, because of the circumstances of the parents, the baby is still living with the buyer.