[WATCH] First Breath of Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac Caught on Camera

When a woman’s body is preparing to go into labor, most women experience their water breaking (a spontaneous gush of amniotic fluid). The amniotic sac begins to develop just a few days after conception and holds the fluid and the baby until he is ready to be born.

Sometimes the water never breaks and the baby is born with the sac fully intact, known as “en-caul” or a “veiled birth,” a rarity occurring in only one in 80,000 births.

A video recently uploaded to Facebook shows a beautiful little baby moving around inside of the sac after the baby had been born. His little arms and legs are moving and the doctors are admiring the newborn as he is about to take his first breath. The doctor gently cuts the sac and the baby slides out, coughing and beginning to cry as the doctor clears his airway.

In medieval times, if a baby was born “en caul” it was considered a sign of good luck and that the child would surely be headed for greatness. It was also said that it may have been a good omen, protecting the baby from sorcerers and witches. The miracle of life, it truly is amazing!

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