Touching Ultrasound: Baby Dying in the Womb Comforted by Twin Sister


Twins have a special connection that only they understand. From the moment of conception, to the time spent growing in the womb, they are there for each other.

Ian and Brittani McIntire found out they were going to be parents for the third time after already having two daughters. At a six-week sonogram, the couple learned they were expecting twins. That’s when they received the devastating news: one of their twins was not developing properly, with abnormalities of his brain and a hole in his heart.

With each new sonogram, the news got more grim: “He’s only weighing nine ounces and his sister is over two pounds….His only chance of survival would be heart surgery, but they wouldn’t do heart surgery on him because of his brain.”

Although the prognosis was dire, one of their sonograms revealed that special bond that twins have—Baby Madilyn (on the right) was holding baby Mason’s hand. “We didn’t really see much, [the sonographer] said there’s his hand and there’s her hand and it looks like they’re holding hands,” Brittani McIntire told WHKC-TV. “She’s the only one who can actually be there and holding onto him through it, so it’s comforting to know that if he does pass he won’t be alone,” said Britanni.