Why You Should Make Snooping on Your Teens a Priority

Technology has become the premier way for parents to monitor what their teens are doing. The Hyundai Genesis has “car finder” GPS technology so you can track where your car is. Another way to monitor what your children are doing is to install an app called BARK. Its technology analyzes social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and emails and it alerts the parent when there is potential suspicious activity.

One father learned that his daughter had been on a drug run with friends after a BARK notification. Trent told Yahoo News:

I just had a weird feeling in my gut…So I go into email, pull up the message, and it was a direct message tweet that my daughter had sent around 10:15 the previous night to someone unfamiliar to me that said, ‘Yes we’re coming over, have to stop to get some bud.’ I thought it could be Budweiser beer. But then I realized, no, it’s probably not. It’s probably marijuana.

After questioning his daughter, she revealed that the alert from BARK was true. She had taken her friends to purchase marijuana.

No matter how many times you talk to your children about the ills of drugs and alcohol, they are still going to be subjected to peer pressure and could make the wrong choices. Some may call it meddling…I call it caring. Be all up in their business—it’s your job. If parents did a lot more of this, it might save their teens a world of trouble—or could even save their lives.


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