Question of the Day: Should Women Be Drafted for Combat Roles?


Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, until you get them on a battle field, or something like that. A hot topic has been brewing in political circles about whether our daughters (women) should have to register for the draft and serve in combat roles.

I took a poll on Facebook regarding the subject and was met with overwhelming opposition not only to drafting women, but also to the draft altogether.

The answers were mostly ‘no’—or ‘hell no,’ to be exact, with most men and women siding with the more traditional role that women have taken over the years. Some didn’t have an issue with women being drafted, but thought that due to possible physical limitations, they may be better suited for support roles.

Annette said, “Women should never be in combat! We are wired differently. Men will attempt to shield the women putting their lives and others at risk. This is just how God made us. Deal with it! The draft, both should register but women not for combat”.

Bryan had a more straightforward opinion saying, “If some women want true equality, they must be able to accept everything that comes with it.”

Many of these views contradicted those of top U.S. generals, as reported by YahooNews. General Robert Neller, for example, said during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on women in combat that “all eligible and qualified men and women should register for the draft.”

For better or worse—and however one may feel about the subject—it looks like the idea of women being drafted and put into combat positions may be here to stay.

How do you feel about the draft and women serving in combat roles? Leave a comment and let us know.