Dad Forgives Mom Who Rolled Over on Baby in Emotional Viral Facebook Post

We have all heard that forgiveness is for our own benefit, not for the person who wronged us. Forgiveness is a chance to heal and move on from a situation. An incredible demonstration of this comes from a grief-stricken father named Marco Mejia. Mejia lost his 7-month-old daughter after the baby’s mother rolled over on the infant while she was high on heroin, smothering her. The baby was rushed to the hospital after paramedics were able to revive her, but sadly, she died a few days later.

Mejia took to Facebook to not only share his grief, but to ask people to do one important thing—to forgive the baby’s mother. Mejia wrote:

Image courtesy Facebook

Image courtesy Facebook

The comments were supportive and understanding. One friend of the mother took to Press of Atlantic City and wrote, “As a friend of Lisa’s I know her struggles. Addiction is a desease [sic] and only when your [sic] tired and ready to change will you then recover. Hopefully this sad situation is her breaking point and will make her realize that the lifestyle she was living is not life but killing her slowly.”

This story is sad, but poof that forgiveness is possible, even in the most tragic situations.

Would you have been able to forgive the mother? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.