Kids Across America Accept the 'Condom Challenge'

Do you ever get the feeling kids today don’t have much common sense? That if  kids were jumping off a cliff, they’d all follow? There is a new “challenge” involving water and a condom that is taking teens by storm — it’s called the “Condom Challenge.” One kid sits in a bathtub, while another kid holds a condom filled with water over him. The kid standing drops the condom on top of the seated kid’s head in hopes that the condom won’t break, encasing his head in water. The goal is to create a cool-looking effect before the condom breaks and the water spills.

If performed correctly, the condom covers the mouth and nose completely. Apparently, there haven’t been any reported injuries — yet. Dr. Mark Reiter, president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, said they haven’t seen any complications from the stunt. “I personally haven’t seen it in the emergency department,” he told Today.

But it would seem that it is only a matter of time before it is reported that a child has died or is severely brain damaged from the condom getting stuck. This wouldn’t be the first dumb idea that teenagers thought was cool. Remember the “choking game” — also known as “5 minutes in heaven” — where kids would choke themselves just enough to feel a euphoric rush to the brain? Kids became brain damaged, and some even lost their lives playing this sick and twisted game.

And this is the generation that is going to take over for us when we are old? Lord help us all.