Is Poor Parenting to Blame for Child Suicide Bombers?

Children are born innocent. The first influences they have in their lives are their parents, but many times there are outside influences that may entice children away from a successful path. Here in America, we dream of our children achieving success by becoming a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, or scientist. The thought would never enter our minds for them to become suicide bombers, but it’s an unfortunate and frightening reality for some parents in other countries.

Jude Imagwe, a special senior adviser to former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, realizes the challenges Africa faces with their youth. In a speech at Freedom Bible College in Benin, Imagwe blamed poor parenting for child suicide bombers. He called upon parents to do more to prevent their children from taking this path by focusing on the spiritual, emotional, and psychological well-being of their children.

In his speech to the new graduates and parents he said, “Nigeria is confronted with challenges that are alien that nobody ever imagined we shall be visited with.” He added, “what happened to our morals? Foundation is very critical and that is why good parenting is very necessary. The threat today is that children are being used as bombers and parents must rise up to their responsibilities.”

Fifty-one students graduated from the school with an education that will hopefully steer them down a path that doesn’t include suicide bombing.