Poll Reveals What Men Are Looking For in a Baby Mama

Ladies, do you ever wonder about the criteria men use to determine whether a woman is “mom material”? Well, wonder no more! A recent poll taken by SheKnows reveals the surprising answers.

The (admittedly very small sample size) poll asked 20 men, some married and some single, with ages ranging from 18 to 44, which attributes would make a woman worthy of bearing their seed. The replies were captured anonymously (and on paper) in an effort to collect the most honest answers.

Many of the men seemed to be describing someone with whom they’re currently involved, which was interesting, considering that the survey was asking about the qualities of a “good mom.” Some of the answers the author received were:

“She hates my ex-girlfriends.”

“She does my laundry.”

“She puts up with my bullshit.”

“She supports me in my decisions.”

How any of these answers pertain to how a woman would fare as a mother is beyond me. Nevertheless, the number one answer from these men (coming in at 50 percent) was, “She is caring.” The second most popular answer (45 percent) was “cleaning the house regularly” and “being a good cook.” Thirty-five percent of respondents said “putting the child first” and “being firm or stern when needed” were important. Tied for 4th place were “patience, a sense of responsibility, and unconditional love.”

Of course, the poll wouldn’t be complete without these quality answers: “She’s got big ‘ol titties,” “She drinks whiskey,” and every woman’s favorite, “She’s a ‘ride or die’ chick.” Swoon, ladies!

I still refuse to believe chivalry is dead, but after reading this list, I’m convinced it may be on its last leg.

What qualities do you think would make someone a good mother? Let us know by leaving a comment.