Boy's Innocent Love Notes Turn Into Threats of Sexual Harassment by School

We all remember the feelings we got from our first crush. Hands sweating, heart pounding, and the feeling of sheer excitement whenever the person would come around. These feelings are all a normal part of growing up and are usually categorized as innocent.

But for one 4th grade boy, his feelings for his crush were labeled sexual harassment. According to the boy’s mother, her son wrote a love note to a girl in his class and was quickly ushered into the principal’s office. The school claimed that the boy wrote several notes that were “unwanted” and warned that if he wrote any more, the school would file sexual harassment charges. It is unclear if the boy had been warned prior to this.

The boy’s mother was shocked, saying: “What little kid doesn’t write love notes?” The boy had written “I like you” inside of a heart and said he liked her eyes because they “sparkle like diamonds.” A district administrator said if the notes were “unwanted” then it borders on sexual harassment. Many of the boy’s peers complicated the situation by saying the boy wanted to see the girl naked, which prompted the principal to step in.

Have we all gone mad? The note seems innocent enough and shouldn’t warrant such harsh threats to the little boy. What law enforcement agency in its right mind would arrest a 9-year-old kid for passing notes to a girl? The boy’s mother told WPTV, “My 9-year-old doesn’t even know what sexual harassment means.”

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