12 Things That Change When You Become a Mom

I don’t even remember what it was like before I had children.  It must have been awesome to only be responsible for myself and to be able to sleep in past 5 a.m. on the weekends!

Yes, your life will change, but look at what you have gained. A person that your body created (you created a whole person, mom!) who loves you unconditionally. Having and raising children is a blessing, and I love being a mom. Here are some of the things I gave up or that have changed so that I could have the best thing that ever happened to me. I promise you won’t miss any of them (too much).

1. High heels — gosh, I miss my 6″ Choos! Welcome to the world of ballerina flats.



2. Using the bathroom alone — they will find their way in, and so will the dog.

monster toilet

3. Sleeping in past 5 a.m. (although I must admit that seeing every sunrise is actually beautiful).

don't worry

4. A hot meal (usually it’s lukewarm and has drool on it).

pass out

5. Sick days (moms don’t get sick, so suck it up).



6. Watching your favorite show on television doesn’t happen anymore (you’ve seen frozen 100 times, too??).

favorite show


7. Going to a restaurant without chicken nuggets on the menu is a thing of the past.

chicken nuggets


8. Clean shirts (or white…or black clothes of any kind).

clean shirt


9. Girls night out becomes a legend, but if you do go out, you realize that you miss them terribly.

I miss you

10. Having anytime sex (you’re lucky if you have the energy to do it at all).

kissing gif


11. Your bedtime goes from midnight to a sensible 9 p.m.

donald duck


12. Being in charge of your own schedule (baby dictates that now).

in charge