Maryland Principal Not Fooling Around When It Comes to Parents Hosting Alcohol Parties

Parents are supposed to be the best role models their children can have, but sometimes that isn’t always the case. After high school principal Alan Goodman got wind that there were at least two parties hosted by parents where alcohol was served over the Halloween weekend, he decided to do something about it. reports that Goodman sent out an email to parents, pleading with them not to host such parties:

Parents, as we get close to another weekend, please do not host an underage drinking party as apparently some of you did last weekend. This must stop. The law says you can be fined a minimum of $2,500/underage drinker if the drinker(s) is at your residence and you are present. While the fine is steep, the stronger risk is that a teenager from your party will be injured or die either from excessive drinking or while in a car with a driver under the influence. Parents, find other ways to bond with your child. Please.

He also took his plea to students through a cell phone app before their football game saying, “Students, don’t pre-game. All police will have breathalyzers. Just come and cheer on the team and have fun with friends. Be safe.”

Many parents were very appreciative of the principal’s care for their children with one mother saying, “I appreciate that our principal goes above and beyond grades  and scores. He cares about the character of his community.”

This comes on the heels of several alcohol-related tragedies that have occurred in Maryland this year.

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