10 Fun Facts That Make Gingers Extra Special

Being a natural redhead can be a frustrating thing. When you are a kid, you feel like an odd ball because you’re different. You may have been called names like ginger, red, carrot top, little orphan Annie, and fire crotch (yes, fire crotch). I know, because I am a natural redhead.

I hated my red hair until I became an adult, and then I began to appreciate just how beautiful and rare my locks really are. Some of the most gorgeous women in the world — from Rita Hayworth to Lucille Ball — have been redheads and I am proud to be counted among them. Two sisters named Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti (co-founders of also love their tresses, and have even suggested we have a day entirely dedicated to redheads called National Love Your Red Hair Day.

Here are 10 Fun Facts That Make Gingers Extra Special: 

1. Red hair is actually a genetic mutation in the gene MC1R.


2. Romans sold red-headed slaves for a higher price because of their rarity.


3. The highest concentration of redheads is in Scotland (13%) and the U.S. (2%).

Yes, we are rare indeed!

4. Redheads need a larger doses of anesthesia because we have a higher tolerance for pain meds.

Take it from me, the dentist has to give me a full shot of novocaine to get my gums numb. I am terrified of the dentist!


5. In the sun, we burn to a crisp.

There are two shades for redheads: white and blistering red! But our bodies only need very low levels of light to produce vitamin D.



6. Redheads don’t go gray.

Our hair will turn blonde or white, but not usually grey.

7. OOHLA-LA! Redheads are said to have a higher libido.

Does this go along with the feisty attitude we are rumored to have?

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8. We are NOT going extinct!

In 2005, the “Oxford Hair Foundation” claimed there would be no more redheads by 2060. Thankfully, that isn’t true.


9. The rarest combination in redheads is red hair and blue eyes!


10. Redheads do have souls!

We will steal yours, but we do have them.