Why a Mother Who Lost a Baby to Miscarriage Created This Emotional Photograph

A loss of a baby is a devastating tragedy for parents, one from which they may never fully recover. One mother wanted to find a way to honor the children she lost to miscarriage in the most touching way. In the UK, October 9-15 was “Baby Loss Awareness Week.” It’s a way to remember and celebrate babies lost to miscarriage (it’s the whole month of October in the U.S.).

Victoria Doyle, a mother of three and a photographer in the UK, was taking photos of her children to use for a Christmas card. When she took a closer look at one of the photos, it looked as though her son was holding another child’s hand. It was only after seeing the image that the idea came to her to add a child’s silhouette. The image was to honor the child she lost in 2006 and symbolize the babies lost to other mothers.

She made a touching Facebook post to tell her story. “In April 2006 I first experienced the pain of miscarriage. Although it was a long 9 years ago I feel that lump in my throat and ache in my heart every time I think about it,” she wrote. “I went on to experience a further 8 losses over the years and thankfully gave birth to three wonderful healthy children, but the first was always the hardest……sometimes I wonder how different life would have been.”

Doyle explains, “He or she would have been 9 now, and probably bigger than Darcy. I wanted the little figure to have a playful feel. I do truly feel that the little silhouette is an entity in itself, not just representing my own loss, but everybody who has had their hopes and dreams taken away so soon.”

She said she has had, “tons of message of support and acknowledgement from fellow parents who have also lost babies and infants in the past.”

Truly a unique and emotional way to honor precious lives lost.