Aunt Sues 12-Year-Old Nephew After 'Exuberant Hug' Injury

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No matter how we feel about certain family members when they annoy us or say something wrong, family is family.

For one woman, this isn’t the case. Her outlandish behavior toward her nephew may be unforgivable. Jennifer Connell, a human resources manager in Manhattan, decided it would be a good idea to sue her little 12-year-old nephew for injuring her during an exuberant hug.

Sean Tarala ( 8 years old at the time) was having a birthday party when his aunt walked in. The boy got excited shouting, “Auntie Jen, Auntie Jen!” He jumped into Connell’s arms, knocking her to the ground and causing her to break her wrist.

“All of a sudden he was there in the air, I had to catch him and we tumbled onto the ground,” she said.

Connell was apparently so upset with the boy that she sued him for damages. The upper East side resident sued Sean for $127,000 in damages. “I was at a party recently and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvres plate,” she complained.

Connell decided to proceed with the case even though Tarala’s mother passed away last year. A jury in Bridgeport Conn. has recently rejected the lawsuit, saying that the boy was not liable. One thing is for sure, the woman clearly had no scruples in this situation and may have damaged her relationship with her nephew forever.

UPDATE from Allahpundit:

This isn’t about shaking down her sweet little nephew for being too excited to see her, she says, it’s about getting his dad’s homeowner’s insurance to help cover medical bills that have now reached six figures after two separate surgeries on her wrist. The kid is named as the defendant in the suit only because that’s what Connecticut law requires.

“Our client was very reluctant to pursue this case,” her lawyers insist, “but in the end she had no choice but to sue the minor defendant directly to get her bills paid.”