Parents Rank Miley Cyrus as Worst Celebrity Role Model

Miley Cyrus

I want to be the most influential role model for my children. They will be exposed to all kinds of garbage in society that will threaten to rock their faith and challenge their moral foundation. The reality is, however, they might be tempted to not follow the virtues I have instilled in them.

It comes as no surprise that in a recent poll given to parents, Miley Cyrus earned the title of “worst role model for children,” receiving 78% of the vote. What happened to “Hannah Montana”? I get that she grew up and wanted to shed her Disney persona, but smoking pot on stage and performing lewd acts with a blow-up doll atop a gold car isn’t really necessary to make that point. Besides, Madonna wore that strategy out decades ago.

Children are going to be exposed to things that may not be healthy. So how can parents minimize that exposure?

1. Keep the lines of communications open. Talk about sex, drugs, and alcohol.

2. Practice what you preach. Children learn by watching you, so you be the best example.

3. Know their friends and their friends’ parents. If their friends are being inappropriate, it may be time to have a talk.

4. Trust but verify. Check up on your kids’ social media and text messages.

5. Turn electronics off at a specific time each day. Kids are more susceptible to inappropriate content when an adult isn’t around.

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