10 Things Guaranteed to Happen with Kids at Exactly the Wrong Time


We’ve all been there. When you have kids, life can be unpredictable and it’s usually at the wrong time! You feel me, parents? Here are my top 10 joys of “Murphy’s Law for Parents”:

  1. It took you 30 minutes just to get the kids in the car and make it to the store and as soon as you arrive, one has to use the bathroom.
  2. Your hot meal arrives at the restaurant, and one or all of your children have to use the bathroom.
  3. You’ve got that cute little black dress on so you can spend a well-deserved evening alone with your husband, and your child has a runny nose.
  4. You forget a change of clothes and the baby blows out his diaper.
  5. Sunday night rolls around and your child suddenly remembers he needs a snack for 25 kids on Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. and the stores are closed.
  6. Your child gets a huge scratch on her face — and it’s picture day tomorrow.
  7. You’re 5 minutes away from your destination and the baby falls asleep.
  8. You need to go to bed early and your kids are doing back flips. (Or you need to be up early and they decide to sleep in.)
  9. Your child gets an ear infection the day you leave for vacation. Of course, the doctor’s office is closed.
  10. His favorite food is on sale so you buy a ton of it. He immediately doesn’t like it anymore.

Have I missed any? Leave them in the comments section below!