This video showing the unique mother/child connection will bring you to tears

The amazing bond that a mother forms with her child begins the moment two little lines appear on that faithful stick. You feel butterflies in your tummy and dream of  the endless possibilities about who that baby will become. Will he or she have your eyes and your wavy hair that freaks out in the humidity, or will he or she be blessed with your husband’s thick mop? Will she have your mom’s incredible blue eyes or grandpa’s dimples? Will it be blue onsies or will you be rockin’ pink everything?

Frankly, you probably don’t care as long as your bundle of joy is healthy. After your baby is born, she already knows you from every other mommy in the room. (After all, your child is the only person who gets to hear your heart beating so closely, every second, for 9 months.) Your baby recognizes your voice and knows your scent — including your breast milk — within days.

Ever have your precious infant snuggle his little head between your shoulder and chin? That bond never fades, and when I watched this video that celebrates the “Unique Connection” that mums have with their children, I was brought to tears.

Babies always know who their mothers are — even when blindfolded. A truly beautiful and “Unique Connection” indeed.