5 Simple Tips to Successful Chores!


Sometimes — oh who am I kidding, most of the time — it’s difficult to get kids to do their chores and be happy about doing them in the process. They have more important things to do like making a mess, breaking something, or picking the 15th fight of the day with their sister. In our home, we don’t like to call them chores. Instead, we refer to them as their “responsibilities” and anything outside of those responsibilities is where they can earn extra moola!

The article “Chores for Kids: Getting Started with a Family Chore System” gives you some workable tips on how to involve your kids in the daunting task of chores while teaching them some valuable skills in the process.

1. Required chores

This would be a list of chores that you require your children to do daily (such as brushing their teeth and making their bed) for which they can receive a set amount of allowance each week. Adding extra tasks to that list outside of the daily chores is extra money they can earn weekly for jobs like bathing the dog and making mom and dad’s bed.

2. Check lists

Make a check list for each child so they can stay organized and know what is expected of them for daily and weekly tasks.

3. Teach the value of money

Have your children set aside a certain percentage for savings and for spending. We have our children save 20% of their earnings so they can learn the virtues of working hard for the things  they want and need.

4. Work as a team

Working together as a family on the weekend teaches team work and a sense they are working toward a goal.

5. Switch it up!

Every so often, rotate who is in charge of what chores. It keeps things fresh and may give your children a little more motivation if they don’t feel like it’s Groundhog Day everyday.

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