Teenage Boy Sues School Over Transgender Bathrooms After Privacy Violation

In a harbinger of things to come, a teenage boy in Pennsylvania is suing his high school over their transgender bathroom policy. The complaint states:

This case is about the intentional violation of a child’s fundamental right to bodily privacy contrary to constitutional and statutory principles, including the Fourteenth Amendment, Title IX, invasion of seclusion, and the Pennsylvania’s Public School Code of 1949, which requires separate facilities on the basis of sex.

Pretty cut and dried, right? It should be, but, as we continue to learn, liberals have a way of nonsensically weaving a tangled web of identity politics in order to strangle common sense.

Just a few short years ago this type of complaint would’ve received the support of almost every single adult in this country. Not anymore. Thanks to the push for transgender rights, teenagers are being forced to share bathrooms with those of the opposite sex. Lawsuits on the transgender rights side of the issue have been finding their way onto court dockets. Now, the other side has begun to fight back. Liberals have opened this Pandora’s Box with their identity politics and it is of great interest to all of us how this box will be closed—if it’s closed at all, that is.

According to the complaint, this unidentified teenage boy has been victimized by “being viewed and viewing members of the opposite sex in a state of undress” without his consent. Having expressed his concern and displeasure about the violation of his privacy to the faculty, the boy has been stigmatized and subjected to ridicule. Due to his privacy being violated without his permission and the fear of meeting a member of the opposite sex while he’s “simply relieving himself,” the teenage boy now avoids using the bathroom at school.

Wisely, I believe, the boy’s lawyers have adroitly adopted the language of identity politics to push back on the advances of the sexual revolution. Using words and phrase like “protect their privacy,” “shamed,” “marginalized,” and “safety,” the complaint charges the school and school district with failing to protect the boy’s reasonable expectation of privacy. Worse, the defendants, “marginalized and shamed Joel Doe, and unlawfully attempted to coerce and intimidate Joel Doe into accepting continuing violations of his bodily privacy.”

I encourage you to read the complaint (linked above in the first paragraph). With common sense language that challenges the notion that “felt” gender takes precedence over biological sex, the document may very well serve as a template for future attacks on the nonsense of liberals. Granted, the left has proven themselves quite capable of ignoring common sense while finding new ways to promote their absurdities.

One thing that we’re going to learn as a result of this case is whether or not liberals actually do care about “safe spaces” (and let’s be honest, we already know). Sex-based bathrooms are meant to provide “safe spaces” for people to do…well…private things in private. Having to worry about a member of the opposite sex while doing private things is a clear and obvious violation of that “safe space.” This teenage boy in Pennsylvania is going to discover whether liberals are concerned for his safety and well-being or not. Chances are—or rather, it’s an absolute certainty—he is going to continue to learn that unless he’s a winner in the identity politics game (and he’s not) his safety, comfort, and peace of mind mean absolutely nothing to liberals.

Two questions arise out of this that have yet to be answered. How will leftists respond to their own language being used against them? I predict that they will simply plug their ears, chant “na-na na-na boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo,” and rely on the courts to ignore common sense and side with them. In other words, they don’t care if what they say or do makes sense. They have an agenda and they will continue to follow the prescribed leftist script while ignoring their own hypocrisy. But then again, maybe not.

Maybe this lawsuit will be the breeze that fans the embers of common sense into a full flame of the recognition of reality within enough leftists that the identity politics program suffers a fatal blow. Of course, the court could help with this and side with the teenage boy who has had his privacy and safety violated by leftists pursuing their agenda at all costs. And that’s the second question. How will the court handle this?

All parents (and non-parents, too) should be watching this case with great interest as it proceeds. The outcome will have far-reaching ramifications regarding the safety and protection of our children. This time, it’s a teenage boy who’s been exposed to partially dressed girls. Next time, it may very well be a young teenage girl who’s exposed to a fully nude teenage male while she herself is forced to expose herself. Make no mistake, leftist do not care about the privacy and safety of our daughters any more than they care about the privacy and safety of our boys.

Around this country people are having their civil rights violated by liberals who are far more concerned with pursuing their agenda of complete sexual freedom no matter the consequences. Hopefully, this lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania will be the beginning of the end of the tyranny of identity politics in America. If not, at least turning leftists’ own language back on them will be a fly in their perverted ointment.


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