A Christian Mom Is Cyberbullied for Her Video Exposing Vince Staples' 'Norf Norf'

Apparently, mothers are no longer allowed to be concerned about the entertainment options that are being marketed to their children. One concerned mother has found this out the hard way after recording a video of herself reading the lyrics to Vince Staples’ hit “Norf Norf.” That video has gone viral.


The result has been an avalanche of mockery and derision heaped on this young mother’s head. Even the description attached to the video linked to below adds to the cyberbullying by declaring, “Republican Christian lady gets her panties in a knot over the lyrics to Norf Norf by Vince Staples.” The video, of course, has been picked up by media outlets, including the Huffington PostFunny or Die, and Uproxx. Parental concern has now become the object of scorn and a culturally approved target of cyberbullying.

While this mother was taking her eleven-year-old daughter to school, “Norf Norf” was playing on her daughter’s favorite radio station. This mother was appalled by what she heard, and rightfully so. Concerned about the type of messages being taught children through pop music, this mother went home, read the lyrics, and then recorded a video in order to encourage other parents to be aware of the lyrical content of the music being played on radio stations.

Several times during the video, the mother breaks down and begins crying. As I watched the video, her tears and obvious concern for the well-being of children moved me. In fact, I echo her plea for parents “to listen to what your kids are listening to.” I find it odd that anyone past their teen years would take issue with this mother and her video (although, considering the cultural slide into moral degeneracy, maybe finding it odd reveals latent naivety within me). Because I share the same concern, I feel compelled to defend this concerned, young mother who has found herself the victim of shrill and mean-spirited cyberbullying.


All parents should be concerned about the pop culture being marketed to kids. Protecting children is part of parenting’s job description (if not the job description of being an adult). That includes being aware of what kids are listening to, reading, and watching. It also includes censoring kids’ entertainment options. Unfortunately, because of the way pop culture is curated now, it’s harder for parents to appropriately shield their children from aberrant messages and themes found in current pop music.

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With the advent of the Internet and streaming sites, children are bombarded with entertainment options. Cutting off technology is not helpful. Children today need to learn how to appropriately interact with the world they are growing up in, and that includes learning how to use technology.

There have been many articles written about the best ways that parents can safeguard their children while also allowing their kids to enjoy and learn how to use technology. Those articles are generally applauded across the board and almost everyone agrees that children should not have unfettered access to media and/or technology. Except, apparently, when a Christian mom takes to the Internet to share her experience with other parents.


I don’t have to agree with this mother on every single point to be thankful for her heart and her desire to shield children from a song that is obviously inappropriate for kids, if not adults, too. I praise her for being vulnerable in her desire to offer aid and counsel to other parents. And, once again, I loudly affirm her admonition that parents should be aware of and be willing to censure pop music for the sake of their children.

The people who should be embarrassed and ashamed in all of this are those who are teaching children that it’s OK to cyberbully a concerned parent.

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