Florida School Orders Male Teacher to Watch Transgender Girl Undress in the Boys' Locker Room

Chasco Middle School, a public school in Florida, has a new policy for transgenders that is forcing a male physical education teacher to watch a transgender girl undress in the boys’ locker room, according to The Federalist and The Daily Wire.

The school has come up with a new policy to make transgenders feel more “included,” and that means girls who think they are boys can now change in the boys’ locker room — and do whatever else they do in the locker room —  right along with the boys.

The school administration did not inform parents that a transgender girl (a female who thinks she is male) will now be allowed in the boys’ locker room. In September, the girl walked into the boys’ locker room while the boys were undressing. The girl literally caught them with their pants down. A male physical education teacher (who is also a coach at the school) was ordered to stand and monitor the situation. He refused, stating that he would not stand and watch a teenage girl undress. That teacher was told that his actions would not be tolerated and that he would be put on administrative leave. The female PE teacher’s objections to the policy were also ignored by the school.

To date, the elected school board still has not remedied the situation, and the school administration has not changed its policy at all.

Is this the kind of quality education you pay your taxes for? This true story is another shining example of the left’s attitude toward moral clarity and education. At every turn, this story illustrates the leftist/progressive/socialist hypocrisy in their attempt to “fundamentally change America.” Here’s why they are so dangerous:

  1. They don’t really believe in democracy and they do not believe in any sort of accountability to the people who pay the bills. There is no accountability to the parents who are horrified yet are still forced to pay taxes to fund public education. Why didn’t they inform the parents? Are they afraid that a majority of people would object? And when people object, do the administrators change the policy? Do they admit they are wrong? Don’t hold your breath.
  2. They don’t really believe in tolerance. Notice they have zero tolerance for the teacher who says he does NOT want to watch a teenage girl undress! Now think about the absurdity of this whole situation. In the “Me Too” movement we constantly hear about how women and girls are being sexually exploited and abused. And yet here is a leftist school administration FORCING a teacher to watch a teenage girl strip down to her underwear! Imagine if that same male teacher was caught looking at undressed girls in the girls’ locker room… he would have been instantly arrested, convicted, and imprisoned faster than his head could spin (and rightly so!). But in this case, the man is ORDERED to watch a girl undress! In this insane LGBTQ agenda, Judeo-Christian values are not tolerated. Every form of depravity is held up as good and natural and MUST be approved, but if you have a biblical worldview regarding sexuality then you are penalized and possibly fired from your job. How dare you disagree with those who are in charge!
  3. They really don’t believe in fairness. How is it fair not to inform the boys ahead of time? How is it fair to keep the parents in the dark? How is it fair to refuse to change your policy so that the boys can be in their locker room in peace? It’s OK to embarrass them, to humiliate them? If the girl is convinced she is a boy, can’t the school find some other accommodations for her? No, according to leftist “fairness” their ideas about sex and gender MUST be crammed down your throat no matter what your objection. How is this NOT bullying?
  4. They really don’t care what you, the parents, think. Notice in the article from the Federalist the “talking points” the administration hands out to the school staff. When a parent objects the staff is supposed to say, “Is there something we can do to help you or your child better understand gender-related issues?” In other words, “We’re not changing, you uneducated idiot… we will throw you some ‘science’ to show how behind the times you are. If you get it, great. If not, too bad.” They know what’s best for your child, not you. And you just have to love this talking point from the school administration: “Your child’s rights are not being violated when a transgender student accesses the facilities that correspond to their gender identity. If your child has concerns for their privacy, I’m happy to speak with you and your child to discuss their concerns and any requested accommodations.” In other words, you and your kid have to change YOUR attitudes. Better get your mind right. Comply and shut up, tax serf.

By the way, for those who want to know more about gender dysphoria (the scientific term for “transgenderism”), please read Dr. Paul McHugh‘s work in this field. He was the head of the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University from 1975-2001.

Ryan T. Anderson of the Heritage Foundation recently published a book entitled When Harry Became Sally. This book documents the transition of transgenderism from something psychiatrists normally treated as a mental illness to the politically correct lifestyle it is today. This Washington Post article on Anderson’s book explains that he believes the issue has more to do with ideology than actual science.

Here is an excellent article outlining many of the issues of gender dysphoria, how to address it, and how NOT to treat it.

So what will parents do at this public school? What will parents do throughout the country? This is not going away. The depraved agenda of the left is coming for every public school in America. Your kids are next. Are you going to stop this tyrannical behavior, or roll over?