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HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: 22-Week Preemie Twins Die in Mother’s Arms; Doctors Refuse to Help

medical staff stands by as premature baby boy dies in mother's arms.

Doctors at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, refused to help two prematurely born twin babies, merely allowing them to die in their mother's arms. The pro-life organization Created Equal posted the heartbreaking video this week, even though the events took place last June. The mother, identified as "Amanda F.," told her harrowing story in a statement.

"I pleaded with nurses and other hospital staff to help try to save my babies. I was told they would not survive," Amanda wrote. "I asked if they would at minimum assess the babies after they were born to determine the possibility of survival. I was informed NICU [Natal Intensive Care Unit] would not assess the twins and that the babies would probably be stillborn or at best breathe for a moment."

The twins both survived labor, however. As the bereaved mother wrote, Emery "survived for about 45 minutes before passing away without any assistance from hospital staff." Her second son, Elliot, not only breathed but cried. He lived for two and a half hours, while the doctors "did nothing."

"Though I repeatedly asked staff to help or assess my babies, I was told they were born too young. But there is no documentation to prove they were born too young," Amanda wrote.

At 22 weeks and 2 days pregnant with twins, the mother rushed to Riverside Methodist Hospital Labor & Delivery on June 24, 2017. She was bleeding, and feared a miscarriage. Staff told her that if the babies were delivered before 22 weeks and 5 days, doctors would make no attempt to resuscitate them. If the babies made it to 22 weeks and 5 days, they would consider intervention.

Amanda entered labor three days later, on June 27. "Though I was 22 weeks and 5 days in my pregnancy, we were told the babies were coming too early, that NICU would not be present for the birth, and that no effort would be made to help the twins," she recalled.

The video documents the tragedy that happened next. After Emery was born, a neonatal doctor came in, wrapped the baby in a blanket, put him under a heat lamp, and opened his mouth.

"Hi!" Amanda tells Emery in the heartbreaking video. Then she turns to the hospital staff, "You guys are gonna save him, right? Promise me they're gonna save him."

"They're gonna — look at him, baby," one staff member says. Another promises that a neonatologist "is on her way in."

"Look at him, please save him," Amanda pleads. "Just hold him, sweetie," a staffer says.

No help arrives.

The video jumps to the birth of Elliot, and a nurse puts the tiny baby in his mother's arms. Staff wrap him in blankets, but do nothing to assess his viability or to help him live. Elliot makes a little cry as the nurses move him.