Here's a PHENOMENAL Way to Explain Donald Trump to Your Kids...Dr. Seuss Style


A few weeks ago, we were asked to submit our thoughts on “How to Explain Donald Trump to Children.” The only thing I could think of was giving a nod to Dr. Seuss. Here goes:

Well, the Donald’s a guy
that you can’t take too serious.
He’s ahead in the polls,
but the polls–they’re delirious.
To his credit: he’s savvy,
and a self-made man
He’s accomplished some things
that not everyone can.

The casinos, the condos, TV Shows and pageants;
some ventures went viral,
while others went stagnant.
But his work represents the American Dream,
via projects and hard work,
and YUGE business schemes.

It’s easy to say that the man is a joke,
and the numbers are fuzzy,
and P.S., he’s flat broke.
But, it’s impossible to ignore
his bright spark with the masses,
despite being offensive
at certain passes.

He went from iconic
to a tiny bit smelly,
after mocking Fox News darling
Ms. Megyn Kelly.
The pain, it continued,
as this old silly goat
pretty much lost
the Latino vote.

Only an ego as enormous as his
would call such insanity
‘Telling it like it is.’
But the truest and craziest and unkindest cut,
is this fact: he’s still losing
votes to Deez Nuts.

This election’s getting a bit hard to take serious.
Here’s to hoping the circus stays calm,
not delirious.


Image via Dr. Seuss’s ABCs

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