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Florida Boy Gets Stuck in Arcade Claw Machine

Boy stuck in arcade machine

Those arcade claw machines can really be a pain. No matter how many times you grip a toy with the pesky claw, it always seems to fall back into the pile just before it reaches the exit point. One little boy, Mason, from Titusville, Fla., had clearly had enough and wanted a toy in the machine really badly. He was so desperate to get his prize that he actually crawled into the machine.

At first glance, it doesn't seem like a little boy would even be able to fit through the little door, but Mason proved that anything is possible. Titusville Fire and Emergency Services posted about the incident on its Facebook page to show that something unexpected always happens. Luckily for Mason, whose family was eating at the restaurant where the machine was located, an off-duty fire lieutenant was eating at the same facility and assessed the situation. He could tell that Mason was unharmed and was able to wait until Engine 10 arrived on the scene.

The rescuers, led by Lt. Abernathy, were able to quickly and safely remove the boy from the machine without doing too much damage to the game. Surely, Mason learned his lesson. But the big question remains: did he get his toy?