Watch a Little Boy's Jaw Drop When He Realizes Santa Is His Marine Dad

A first-grader in Virginia had his biggest Christmas wish granted in real time by Santa Claus when the jolly old elf visited his elementary school. Marine Staff Sgt. David Rescott, who was supposed to be in Kuwait until next month, pulled off the wonderful surprise for his young son, Jackson, on Friday.

After reading the class a Christmas book, he asked each child what they wanted for Christmas.

“An Xbox One,” Jackson said, “I also want my dad.”

“I have a bit of Christmas magic for you,” Santa Claus said, as he began taking his beard and costume off piece by piece.

Jackson’s jaw dropped and stayed dropped when he realized it was his own dad under that Santa suit. His classmates giggled with delight, unfazed that it really wasn’t Santa.

“I love you,” Jackson said as he gave his father a big hug.

Watch the video below: