Kindergartener Brings 30 Packets of Heroin to School in His Lunchbox

Parents in Trenton, New Jersey, are up in arms because a kindergarten boy brought a large quantity of heroin to school. Police were called to the International Academy of Trenton Charter School’s Belleveue Avenue campus on Monday after a teacher discovered that the tot had brought 30 packets of the drug to class in his lunchbox.

According to police, the teacher thought the five-year-old was just playing with a candy wrapper at first, but then she looked inside the lunchbox and saw the stash.

The boy was taken to a hospital, where he tested negative for opiates. Police are trying to determine where the child got the drugs and no one has been charged. International Academy of Trenton Charter School released a statement on the incident on their Facebook page.

Cooper University Hospital toxicologist Dr. Rachel Haroz said told NBC10 that if any of the five- and six-year-old kids had ingested the heroin, the consequences could have been life-threatening. Police and the New Jersey Division of Family Services are investigating the case.

As bad as that is, a little girl from Delaware has it beat. A couple of years ago, the four-year-old brought 149 bags of heroin to daycare to share with the other kiddies. Thank goodness the teachers saw what was going on and intervened just as she was passing the contraband out, so none of the children were hurt.

One of the concerned NJ moms suggested that school officials start checking all lunch boxes and book-bags, too. “Just so every kid is safer.”

It’s come to this, even in kindergarten.



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