‘A Day Without a Women’ Participants Should be Ashamed, Especially With Schools Closing

Guess who’s paying the price for the latest feminist temper tantrum? Children, that’s who.

At least two school districts in Virginia and North Carolina are cancelling classes Wednesday because so many teachers won’t be showing up to do their jobs. Instead, they’re going to be lounging around and shopping only at small businesses that are owned by a woman or a person of color.

The Day Without a Woman is a nationwide protest organized by the same activists who spearheaded the pussy-hat protest (a.k.a. the “Women’s March“) after President Donald Trump was inaugurated. The goal of the protest is to show men what life would be like if they didn’t have women in their lives. To that end, women aren’t doing any paid work or “unpaid” jobs like housecleaning, cooking, picking up the kids from daycare, etc. And they’re all supposed to wear red for some reason.

In December when they tried this same protest, the ladies of The View suggested that women also refrain from having sex with their husbands. That protest fizzled — with most people not even knowing it was happening — but this one is bigger, as women across the nation were inspired by the pink pussy-hats on parade that protested the president.

Because most teachers are women, schools are feeling the impact more than any other sphere. Alexandria, Virginia, announced that it would be closing schools when more than 300 staff members asked to take the day off. The district’s statement wasn’t an endorsement of the protest per se (though no women are being disciplined or fired for refusing to show up to work):

This is not a decision that was made lightly. We have been closely monitoring requests for leave on March 8, including communicating with school leaders and our education association.

The decision is based solely on our ability to provide sufficient staff to cover all our classrooms, and the impact of high staff absenteeism on student safety and delivery of instruction. It is not based on a political stance or position.

Schools in the Chapel Hill–Carrboro district in North Carolina will also be closing. Their statement was similar, except they made it a point to announce their support of female employees:

This coming Wednesday, March 8, is International Women’s Day, and has also been deemed, “A Day Without a Woman.”

Women across the nation, as well as men, will be participating in a one-day demonstration to recognize the value of women. As part of this demonstration, many will be staying home from work. …

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools values and supports its female employees. However, the decision to close schools is not an endorsement of the planned demonstration. The decision is made solely to avoid operating school on a day when there are insufficient staff to provide instruction and basic school services.

So, because a bunch of women don’t like Donald Trump, want to be free to have abortions, and want to get free birth control (the main doctrines of feminism), kids aren’t getting an education, families are having to spend money to take care of children who stay home, businesses are being hurt, relationships are being disrupted, and the damn laundry isn’t getting cleaned.

As a woman, I’m disturbed by this on so many levels, it’s hard to even put pen to paper (or fingers to computer keys). First, the passive-aggressive tactic of foregoing personal responsibilities, refusing to take care of those you love, and withholding affection is a cowardly and despicable tactic no matter the context. It reeks of the age-old ploy that women use when they withhold sex because they want something from their husband or they’re punishing him for something. It’s low and pathetic.

Second, why must women always move in herds? Do any of these women actually think for themselves? Aren’t they individuals with minds of their own? Have they even bothered to question what actual rights are really being threatened (besides the faux right of abortion, and even that isn’t on the table)? Have they stopped to ask how they contribute to the conflict in this nation by always pushing a women’s power agenda with their Girl Power, Girls First, and the Future is Female? Have they really thought about the impact this will have on their children? Do these women even like the men in their lives?

Or are they all just a bunch of drones who follow Big Sister no matter who gets hurt? Have they become so filled with pride and arrogance that they can’t see past their own genitalia? It seems so.

I wonder what would happen if men played the same game. What would happen if they stopped working, stopped doing all the dangerous jobs women can’t and won’t do, stopped listening when women demand that they pay attention, stopped showing affection, stopped providing, stopped protecting, stopped putting up with a woman’s BS every day? What if they just checked out? Would women thrive? Would children? If you think so, you’re deluding yourself and dishonoring your husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers.

Any woman who joins in the Day Without a Woman should be ashamed of herself. The red she wears should be like a scarlet letter with a big L for Loser.

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