Cartoon Network's 'OK K.O.!' Pushes Kids to Rid the World of Guns

(Image via YouTube)

The Cartoon Network has come out with a new episode of children's cartoon OK K.O.! to convince children to rid America of gun owners and guns. It is eleven painful minutes of bad animation, screeching, and ugly characters who live in messy houses. It's no Road Runner. I watch this sludge so you don't have to. You're welcome. 

The story is about a salesman who comes to town Harold Hill-style (with a southern accent) to sell everyone "skeleton remotes" because there are bad guys everywhere! The snake oil salesman proclaims they are made for "heroes." The people jump at the chance to buy the deadly remotes that turn people into skeletons and soon they're turning absolutely everyone into a skeleton for no reason at all. One guy runs around shooting haphazardly, hitting children on accident. The main character is the only one who sees how insane everyone is and runs to his mother for help. While he's talking to her, she is shot and turned into a skeleton. (Don't get me started on how disgusting it is to scare children about their parents dying. SICK.) Then young K.O. gets up on a stage and talks to the people to demand they ban the skeleton remotes. He begins to sing:

Look at what you've all become, a bunch of heartless skeletons.

Zapping people on a dime, no matter if it fits the crime

Oh you can never take it back, cause what's done is done

All your lives are out of whack as a skeleton, So I plead with you, my plaza folks

Please turn in all your remotes, we could make the plaza safe for all

Whaddya say let's end this ball!

The people then all scream no and start a war. For real. At least they know what will happen if they go down this road, I'll give them that.

There is something extremely distasteful about the left using children to push their gun-control narrative. No one wants to criticize grieving victims, especially when they are minors. My mother's heart restrains me from saying anything about the kids currently on the national stage. They know not what they do nor who is using them. It's to the people exploiting them I say, shame on you. And more than that, whoever is advising them to target individuals like Dana Loeschโ€”who has nothing to do with the shooting in Floridaโ€”for such hatred is playing with fire.

On May 16, 1966, a voice on the loudspeakers of Chinese high schools ordered all the children to report to the revolution under Chairman Mao. Within a few days, they were torturing their teachers and beating people to death. It's not hard to convince kids to go Lord of the Flies. All you need is some teenage angst, added to narcissistic personalities, plus power and you'll have a nightmare unfolding in no time.