Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts Dads Can Give to Moms

Most dads handle Valentine’s Day in one of three ways:

  1. an over-the-top, heart-themed explosion,
  2. complete disregard for February 14th or
  3. a frenzied, last-minute desperate attempt to prove you remembered.

If you happen to fall into that last camp you need something thoughtful, and you need it now! Never fear, there are many gift options left, even some that will not require a trip to the store. If you want to show your wife how much you love her, there is still time!

Here Are 5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom:

1. Bring home a pizza for dinner. 

A night off in the kitchen can be an extremely thoughtful surprise at the end of a busy day of mothering. My husband telling me that he is bringing home dinner always makes my day. And if you go the pizza route, do it right and pull out the paper plates and make it a dishes-free night, too. One word of caution here: get HER favorite kind of pizza and not just the cheap, kiddo-preferred option…this is Valentine’s Day we are talking about.

sleeping woman

2. Take over her least favorite chore for a week.

You probably already know what that dreaded chore is, because it is the last one she gets around to and she probably tells you how much she hates doing it. A week without laundry, dishes, or packing lunches will free up time for Mom to relax, cross a big project off her list, or spend more time with you!

3. Let her sleep in.

For best results, extend this to the whole Valentine’s Day weekend. Tell Mom you have the kids under control and she can sleep as late as her maternal clock will let her indulge. If you really want to show off, throw a pan of cinnamon rolls (store bought!) in the oven when you hear her stir and treat her to some breakfast in bed. Waking up to that sweet aroma after an extra long night’s sleep will get Valentine’s Day off to a great start. And all you really have to do is crack open a box of cereal and watch some cartoons with the kids. Everyone wins in this scenario.

Image courtesy Shutterstock

Image courtesy Shutterstock

4. Take her shopping for a new outfit. 

When you have kids, shopping for clothes can lose its luster. What was once a fun day out with friends becomes a diaper bag-hauling, stroller-wielding event that can easily suck all of the joy out of buying those new jeans. Let her pick the store and wait patiently until she finds a new outfit without having to tend to the needs of anyone else for a change. And once she’s found the perfect new wardrobe piece, check out number 5…

5. Take her away from the house. 

Along with many of my fellow moms, I lack the ability to relax in my own home. While you may occasionally find me slumming it on the couch in sweats, my mind is constantly sorting through the next load of laundry, the next meal everyone will want to eat, the next project that needs accomplished and anything else on my to-do list. While I have worked to create a restful environment, it is hard for me to enjoy dinner at home when I know the dishes will be calling my name twenty minutes later. When my husband arranges for a babysitter and takes me to Arby’s it means the world to me (and to our family’s delicate budget). Those dishes are not mine and I will not have to wipe down any ketchup-laden fingers, so I can truly just enjoy my husband’s company and make the most of our free refills while we talk. It does not have to be fancy, just take her away for a few hours. Your initiative in finding a sitter and helping her escape is more meaningful than that box of chocolates you picked up at the drugstore on the way home.

However your family does Valentine’s Day, these thoughtful gifts are sure to bless the Mom in your life. A little bit of last-minute planning can make a meaningful statement to the woman who so lovingly cares for your children.