Why Is Wendy Williams So Afraid of Lactating Breasts?

A damaged bench inside the St. Mark Cathedral in central Cairo, following a bombing, Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)

It’s not the first time Wendy Williams has spoken out against public breastfeeding, but it has to have been the weirdest.

Normally Hollywood is so pro-breastfeeding it’s almost over the top. Olivia Wilde was photographed breastfeeding for a Glamour magazine shoot soon after her son was born (don’t you always nurse your children in full hair and makeup, in a designer gown, holding a naked baby in a diner booth?).


Or what about Blake Lively on vacation in Thailand? I mean, who hasn’t breastfed their babe in a bikini in front of a waterfall?

One of the most refreshing celebrity breastfeeding moms/advocates is Alyssa Milano. She frequently posts pictures of herself nursing in everyday settings that the rest of us find ourselves in, like this adorable shot of her snuggling in bed with her 16-month-old (my favorite place to nurse my own toddler):

Which is what makes her recent interview on The Wendy Williams Show so puzzling. In the past the talk host has expressed her extreme discomfort with human breasts used in their most functional state: providing sustenance to babies. But this latest interview with Milano took the cake and left me wondering what kind of psychological issues Williams might have to explain her being downright scared of seeing breasts nursing, while being perfectly comfortable seeing them on display in the form of revealing celebrity outfits.

Watch the video below and weigh in in the comments: Whom do you side with on the nursing in public conversation? Williams or Milano?