Scared About Not Getting Pregnant? Don't Use This Test.

Getting pregnant isn’t easy, but it also isn’t that hard, either. As any woman who has spent months trying can attest, there is nothing more stressful than trying to get pregnant but finding yourself not, month after month. Unfortunately, there aren’t many low-tech solutions for those facing difficulty. Everyone knows how babies are made. If it’s not happening, an app on your phone won’t make it go any faster, or any easier.

Another fact any mother can tell you is this: companies will stop at nothing when trying to market gadgets and gizmos to new parents and parents-to-be which capitalize on our most primal fears. One of the first fears is not getting pregnant, so First Response has developed a new way to take advantage of that fear. Mashable reports on the new product,

Waiting for a pregnancy test to reveal a positive or negative result is a stressful 3 minutes for many –- not to mention the anxiety affiliated with tracking the best times to conceive. But now, the first-ever digital pregnancy test that works with an app aims to make the process less daunting, thanks to a little more automation.

At-home pregnancy test company First Response announced on Wednesday at International CES the first-ever Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test, which syncs up with an app and houses all test results and dates in one spot.

That’s exactly what every woman trying to get pregnant wants: a handy app with all of the past months of negative test results in one place!