'Smash the Patriarchy' Video for Kids Sounds Less Fun Than a Root Canal

The Frisky wants to know,

Do you or someone you know have a small child? Have you been wondering what kind of music you will play for this small child? Do you worry that when Raffi sings “Oh baby Beluga, oh baby Beluga, is the water warm?/Is your mama home with you so happy?” this child will absorb the message that women belong in the home, barefoot and pregnant? Are you concerned that he or she will be lulled into submission by the patriarchy through song? What’s a smart, progressive, vehemently feminist family to do?

Ms. Cacie wants to help you. Buckle up.

The singer has started a Kickstarter to bring her album, The Mommies On The Bus Say Smash The Patriarchy, to life. Featuring songs such as “Only Yes Means Yes,” “Even Dinosaurs Have Problems” and “Princesses Are For Everyone,” this IRL Portlandia sketch purports to provide kid-friendly, guitar-strumming folk music that promotes equality and progressive values for parents and their mini-mes, who firmly reject the values present in children’s classics like “The Wheels On The Bus” and whatever patriarchal evil Peter, Paul and Mary might be slinging.

Yeah, this is a thing.

The only thing more fun than subjecting myself or my progeny to this is a root canal.