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What a crappy childhood this poor kid is getting.
The only things missing are stripper poles and boys stuffing dollars in those garters.
Let me be abundantly clear: a child’s temper tantrum is private.
The endless jokes about your awful spawn have to stop.
Statistics prove that 1960s second-wave feminism failed women in practical, even life-threatening ways.
Don’t dare accuse my son of not respecting women if you can’t even respect your little girls.
Because Snow White can't just be kind anymore — she has to be "kind of bad*ss."
Biology denier threatens to write essays about her transgender PRESCHOOLER until we all approve.
Feminist writer's wacky assertion highlights divide between online parenting and parenting IRL.
Screens silence the difficult, painful thoughts we can’t or don’t want to confront on our own.
She claims that the medical treatment of gender dysphoria is a form of child abuse.
Just how long will this particular brand of insanity continue?