Have You Ever Been Secretly Proud That Your Child Did Something 'Wrong'?

If you’ve been called to your kid’s school to listen to his or her teacher or principle give you a lengthy lecture about how your child ended up doing something that was against the rules, but the story ended up making you that much more proud of your kid, you will totally relate to the following stories shared on Quora. Just try not to laugh at what your kindergartener did in school today until you get back to the car — trust me on that one!

A cake for slugger!

Stevie Barry wrote: “When my daughter was in middle school, she was bullied rather badly, and of course the school administration was worse than useless about it. They never took notice until she tried to stand up for herself, and then she was the one who got in trouble; no matter how many times I contacted the office, nothing was ever done.”

“Finally, one day my daughter slugged the main bully and broke her nose. Of course then the school called me, whining about how ‘violent’ my daughter was. All I said was, ‘If the kid’s name was ‘x,’ then the little brat deserved it.’ The school gave her detention; I got her a cake, and let her know I was proud of her.”

“I don’t advocate violence in most circumstances,” she said, “but there’s only one language bullies understand. School administrations are useless, and often seem to favor the bully. Sure enough, that was the end of that for her — she never had any problems with bullying again.”

Three points!

Software developer Adam Henley shared a mistake that would’ve been an absolute mess for most parents: “Without thinking, I asked, when my three-year-old daughter had finished her yoghurt: ‘Just throw the spoon in the sink when you’ve finished, sweetheart.’”

“I realized my mistake as the words were leaving my mouth,” he noted.

“Without moving from where she was, 5 feet away, she threw the spoon in a perfect arc, landing in the sink,” he said. “Very proud, and grateful that she’d nailed it. From then on, I made certain to be very specific that she ought to ‘put’ the spoon in the sink.”

He won on a technicality.

Michael Lent, writer at Alterna Comics, said, “We were having pasta for dinner. My son Willem wasn’t even two years old. He was eating with his fingers but wanted to leave to play with his toys. I said, ‘Four more pieces and you can go.’”

“Immediately, he got a glint in his eye and proceeded to use his tiny fingernails to pinch four microscopic pieces of noodle that he popped into his mouth. Willem jumped down from his chair and raced off laughing before I could say a word. Sonia, my wife, turned to me and exclaimed, ‘Oh, my God. He’s going to be a lawyer!’”


Jean Frost Smith has a story about how her musically talented daughter ended up “causing trouble” at school:

“Busking in the school playground. Saxophone playing, case on the ground in front of her. She was called into the Head’s office and told that there would be no more busking. It wasn’t against school rules, because there was no rule against busking, but from that day, there was.”

“My daughter was the reason for a new school rule. Rock on, daughter!”

“I was a very proud mum when the school told me.”

Clever boy…

Marcus Spears recalled a time that he overheard a bright 6-year-old dinosaur fan that he encountered at his local mall:

“His mother stopped to talk to a teacher from his new school (he had just started kindergarten). The teacher was talking about how auspicious it was that her son should start school now, because our school district had just spent a couple million dollars on upgrades to the classrooms.”

He continued: “Then she made a big mistake… she started patronizing the kid. ‘Auspicious’… that’s a big word. Can you say that?’”

“Even though he was only 6 years old, he was smart enough to know that he was being patronized, and he hated it. So he replied: ‘I can say pachycephalosaurus. That’s a big word. Can you say that?’ The teacher was speechless.”

“I really, really wanted to applaud. A 6-year-old child putting a teacher with 20 years of experience in her place? You don’t get to see that very often.”

We can’t have any sweets? Piece of cake!

Katherine Dey wrote: “My sister called me and said, ‘I don’t know whether to be angry or proud of my kids.’ I could tell she was trying not to laugh, but she was also annoyed.”

“Apparently she’d told her boys that they could not have any sweets. Then, when she came home, she found out that they had eaten an entire cake between the two of them.”

“She should have been furious, right? Well, she wasn’t, because her six and eight-year-olds had baked the cake themselves, from scratch. They carefully followed a recipe, weighed out the flour, sugar, etc., baked it, and cleaned up after themselves.”

“What’s a mother to do?”

The best kind of athlete.

Karuna Sapru apparently raised a real winner: “I remember this incident very profoundly because it makes me proud as a parent, and I don’t regret it one bit. So here goes….”

“My pride and joy — my daughter — and three others were participating in a race during a sports day event organized by her play school. She was progressing well, and was just a wee bit far from the finishing line, when her friend fell down while running. Technically it would have been wrong to stop… but stop she did. My daughter helped her friend to get up and held the friend’s hand until the finishing line.”

“I was the person cheering the loudest that day.”


Have you ever been proud of something that your kid’s done, even if it was “technically wrong”? If you’ve got a great story about how your child broke the rules in the best possible way, we’d love to hear it in the comments below!