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American Horror Story: U.S. Parents Separated from Children by Abusive Government Agencies

Woman with tape over mouth

As the caravan of people marching toward America approaches, filled with children who will soon be "separated from their parents" for processing, get ready for a press assault with pictures of crying children and anguished reporting on the cruelty of it all. Yet, American parents grieve silently the loss of their children to out-of-control or inept child protective government agencies every single day. As I reported a few months ago, Michael Chambers, though cleared of any wrongdoing by a judge, is still without his daughter. Tens of thousands of American parents are in the same situation, but while the network news media trip over themselves to find stories of separation and trauma of Honduran children whose parents break our immigration laws, they are completely silent in the face of these American stories.

There are enough families suffering abuse at the hands of state "family" agencies like CPS to write a column a day for the next century. It is an epidemic. Alyssa Leite is a 27-year-old mom of three who no longer has her parental rights, thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF). Her story is tragic. Leite had twin girls in March 2016. They were healthy girls until she took them for a routine well visit, where they each received four vaccines. They were two and a half months old. The next day she noticed that one girl's foot was turning purple. "I called the doctor and they made me an appointment to have her looked at," Leite told PJM. "But in the morning, she was unresponsive. I tried CPR, I called 911 and my house was swarmed with police and detectives and emergency services."

Responders tried to revive baby Alliyah and took her to the hospital, where all attempts to save her failed.

Leite told PJM she was in a daze, grief-stricken, and confused. "When we were at the hospital the police turned my other daughter and son over to DCF to be evaluated. I wanted to go check on them but I was told I wasn't allowed," reported Leite. "The detective who had been at my house told me to just do everything DCF told me and it would be okay."

He was so very wrong. Leite was given the opportunity to hold her deceased baby to say goodbye. "During that time, the DCF agent, Jessica Arrugio, came into the room saying, 'I don't have time for this, we have to go,' forcing me to leave my child and go with her for an interview. I think I yelled at her because I just lost my baby and she was threatening to take my other children," said Leite. She left her baby and went with the DCF agent for the interview. Leite was never charged with any crime, either that night or later, but Arrugio demanded that she sign a paper allowing her remaining children to go into foster care the same day she just lost her baby.