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Adult Swim's 'Rick and Morty' Co-Creator Depicts Children Being Raped, Tortured, and Killed

Nope, not Dan Harman, the co-creator of "Rick and Morty," who filmed himself raping a babydoll. The other co-creator, Justin Roiland, is now embroiled in his own child rape scandal. Roiland made a cartoon, posted on his website, about raping, torturing, and killing children. It's so graphic we can't show it here. If you want to watch it (which I don't recommend), it's at this link. The cartoon begins with two young boys who decide to go for a swim in the ocean naked.

They get into the water and one child drowns and is shown under the water bleeding and being eaten by something.

The other boy then gets out of the water to go get a snack. A naked adult backs up toward him and defecates into the child's mouth.

The next cartoon features a character that looks like a shriveled raisin going to his home, where he has two children tied up who are shaking and scared. Above them is a clock with a penis and a swinging testicle. The gray thing tells the children that since he's been sexually gratified he must get rid of them.

He then takes a knife and skins one child's face and wears it as his own while he skins the other child's face.

In the next cartoon, a man in the park starts asking a child if he wants to see something, promising not to "stick my dick in you." Then he pulls out a knife, stabs the child in the stomach, and proceeds to rape the knife wound while yelling "I'm f*cking the stab hole"

These are the funny "jokes" we are all supposed to be enlightened enough to understand. Raping, torturing, and killing children. This cartoon was made in 2012, long before the rumors of Hollywood pedophile rings were swirling after the #MeToo outbreak. #Pedogate, a hashtag to bring attention to pedophile rings and trafficked children, began trending on Twitter shortly after #MeToo and is still going strong. Sex trafficking cult NXIVM has made headlines recently for branding their victims, among other horrors. A man dubbed the "World's Worst Pedophile" was convicted of horrific crimes against children, including rape, torture, murder, and even making them dig their own graves.

The Sun reported:

The evil rapist fled fraud charges in Australia in 2011 and moved to Mindanao, where he would entice impoverished children with money and gifts. He then drugged the vulnerable youngsters and made films of him raping and torturing them for an international paedophile ring. Filipino police say Scully also buried a 11-year-old under the floor of a house he was renting after making a film of him raping her and strangling her to death. Operating a secret child pornography site on the Dark Web called “No Limits Fun”, he sold the videos for up to $10,000 per view.

The type of torture he used is the same sort of torture depicted in this cartoon by our entertainment community, and we're supposed to laugh at it? The cartoon was written by Roiland and directed by him, along with Myke Chilian and Sevan Najarian.

Roiland's Twitter feed has disturbing things on it.

Roiland also drew a disgusting cartoon of Baron Trump naked and forged Garfield creator Jim Davis's signature on it.

#Pedogate is real and it's all around us. The question is, what is America going to do about it?