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PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web — September 22

Extended family running in park in autumn

We are enjoying a heat wave here in the Midwest. One last shout from summer before the beauty of fall sets in. We are buckling down and getting ready for our newest arrival, coming almost any day now! It will be an exciting fall, that's for sure.


I just LOVE the perspective of this momma! She seems to be a little ahead of me in the mothering game, yet not so far out of the little years that she has forgotten the struggle.

"l like we’ve officially entered that phase of parenthood that all those well-meaning checkout line commenters have been warming about for the past 8 years or so. It did not, up to this point, 'go so fast,' but I’m officially ready to punch that time-clock because yesterday I started to write a date that was at least a week in the rearview, and was genuinely shocked that an additional 7 days of life have transpired since I last looked up."

Follow Jenny's Adventures at Mama Needs Coffee.


Clearly, you either fall into the pumpkin camp or the apple camp when fall rolls around. Since I am very pregnant this year, I have a firm foot in both camps.  Aren't you lucky, you get recipes for both!

Find more temptations at Handmade Charlotte.


Here's another apple delight. I'll try to even the score with double pumpkin next week!

Find more inspiration at Simply Stacie.


Discontentment seems to seep into my motherhood frequently.  It's a problem, and it steals my joy in raising my little ones.  This is my one mom's take on how to work on the problem and see results.

"Quite a few of my plans had been "derailed" over the past week in ways over which I had zero control. I kept finding myself blaming my impatience in parenting with the lie that, "If God had allowed my plans to happen, I wouldn't be feeling this way." To further complicate matters, I justified myself by reasoning, "The things I want are GOOD things! Why won't God fulfill my good desire?"

Find more encouragement at Risen Motherhood.


How was your weekend?

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