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PJ Media Parenting's Best of the Web—September 15

Grandparents and their grandson choosing apples

As I write this I have on a sweater and am drinking a hot cup of coffee. I love fall! We are loving all the family gatherings, festivals, and apple themes going on. We are also in baby countdown mode — just a few weeks left before our family of five becomes six! Another reason to love fall.


I love the idea of living with less, focusing on the most important things in life and making space to enjoy what you have.

"My family became converts to minimalism in 2008 after I wasted a beautiful Saturday morning cleaning out my garage, and a neighbor, seeing my frustration, made the casual comment “Maybe you don’t need to own all that stuff.” As I surveyed the heap of dusty things piled up in my driveway, out of the corner of my eye I noticed my son playing alone on the swing set in the backyard. And right then I had a life-changing realization:

"Excess possessions do not bring extra happiness into life; even worse, they distract us from the things that do!  Today we live in a smaller house with only a third of the possessions we used to have. And we couldn’t be happier now that we have more money, more time, and more energy for the things that matter most."

Follow Becoming Minimalist here.


Like most of you, I jumped on the essential oil wagon when the craze started. And now my fervor has cooled, and I need fresh ideas and recipes! Make your home smell fresh for fall!

Find other great ideas at Hello Glow.


Don't you love any excuse to use a slow cooker? Tis the season! Here's a fresh chili recipe that just gets better as leftovers later in the week!

"There’s nothing like warm chili on a crisp fall day, especially one that is full of nourishing, healthy ingredients and is quick and easy to make. That’s the beauty of slow cooker recipes—you prepare them in the morning, let them cook all day and they are ready for you to enjoy come dinnertime. Not to mention they make your house smell delicious all day! You can also make these recipes on a Sunday, store the meals in the fridge and enjoy them throughout the week for dinner or lunch."

Find more inspiration at The Glitter Guide.


Fall means new beginnings. I especially loved #5, #10, and #11 on this list!

"There’s no denying it: Stress will always be a part of our day-to-day lives, but it can take a toll on our long-term health. So, instead of tearing through best-selling self-help books or creating lofty goals on how to make this upcoming fall your best (and most stress-free) yet, here are some manageable ways to refocus and re-calibrate so you can feel better about today, tomorrow, and the days to come."