The Transgender Movement Is Preying on the Autistic

Explained this way, the knee-jerk "affirming" reaction of transgender activists that such boys are really "girls trapped in a boy's body" seems remarkably shallow. LGBT activists rush to put these people into a box. They may speak about "gender diversity," but they want to transform these poor children into political allies, regardless of the long-term physical and psychological consequences.

Parents, especially, need to see through these tactics. Ehrhard noted that "some mothers of Aspies now refer to their sons as 'male-assigned' rather than boys."

"These parents do not need to be told to accept that their child is really a 'male trapped in a woman's body' or 'a woman trapped in a man's body.'" Rather, "they need to be further educated on special needs and taught ways to relate to their quirky and gifted son or daughter with Asperger's."

Transgender ideology is not the way to understand and help these kids. Instead, it just replaces one misunderstanding with another. When the LGBT movement reaches out to these people as "transgender," it can do them extreme harm.

"For a pseudo-religious movement to target this vulnerable population of youths for their own ideological ends is nothing less than child abuse," Ehrhard concluded. It is essential to counter transgender ideology, for otherwise "young people with special needs will just be the latest victims in the left-wing cultural assault against human biology."

For some, like Levinstein's daughter, it is already too late. Surgical alteration and removal of healthy organs is not "health care," and it is especially damning to push it on those who are already disabled. It may sound caring to "affirm" these children's (likely temporary) gender confusion, but Ehrhard calls it what it is in reality — child abuse.