Dept. of Education Pushing Muslim Indoctrination Under Cover of Anti-Bullying Programs

These two things are not unconnected. The Anti-Defamation League has been agitating for years about alleged (not substantiated) anti-Muslim violence being on the rise in America. Now they want your children's schools to take an active part in their crusade to make sure no one is critical of Islam. That means little girls and young women in your school district may be encouraged to dress up in hijabs on World Hijab Day—in the name of anti-bullying, or maybe even so-called "cultural awareness." If you have a child in public school—or in a "progressive" private school--find out what your kids will be doing on February 1 of next year—World Hijab Day.

Anti-bullying programs, while sounding good on paper, are often insidious. They're a progressive activist's best friend. More often than not these programs end up portraying families and individuals with traditional Judeo-Christian values as the enemy of all that's good and decent in the world. Make sure you know what—and whose values—your children are being taught in their anti-bullying program.